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Man getting arrested and needs Alex Lafferty Lawyers

Criminal Defence Lawyers in Edinburgh & East Lothian

* If the police are looking for you

* If you have a warrant out for your arrest

* If you have to attend a police interview

* If you have been arrested by the police

* If you have a date to attend Court

Contact us 24/7 on 01875 614059 for a free initial consultation.

What We Can Do For You

Alex Lafferty Ltd are specialist criminal defence lawyers in Edinburgh and East Lothian. We defend our clients in the Sheriff Court, Justice of the Peace Court and the High Court.


We offer a free initial consultation to discuss your case.

​We have an excellent record in defending criminal charges, including drug offences, theft, driving offences, fraud, harrassment, assault, sexual allegations, murder and manslaughter.

We are registered with and regulated by the Law Society of Scotland. We are also approved by the Scottish Legal Aid Board and registered to provide criminal legal assistance throughout Scotland.

Edinburgh Sheriff Court

Criminal Defence

Speed camera

Road Traffic Offences

Get Scottish Legal Aid here


We provide a fully comprehensive legal service - from liaising with the police and preparing the case, through to representing you in court.


We offer a free initial consultation to discuss your case. We defend our clients in Edinburgh and East Lothian.

If you have been charged with a driving offence in Scotland, it’s important you get the help of a specialist road traffic law firm. Road traffic law is a complex and detailed area of law and requires the use of a specialist solicitor. We are expert motoring solicitors in Scotland and we can help you keep your licence.

We are registered with the Scottish Legal Aid Board. Legal Aid meets our fees for representing you and we will apply for Legal Aid on your behalf.


If you are not eligible for legal aid, you are still eligible for a free initial consultation. 


I have worked with Mary Moultrie for about 4 years. Mary has been absolutely fantastic, she always keeps in touch, by letter, text and phone. I feel like its not just a job to her, that she believes in me. She’s always been there for me when I’ve been worried about Court. She speaks up for me and she has my best interests at heart. She explains everything that I don’t understand and she makes sure I know what choices I have. She has guided me in the right direction and I can’t thank her and her company enough. I would recommend Mary and her criminal defence team to anyone who is looking for a solicitor.​

- Maryshia W

Mary Moultrie is an extremely professional and highly skilled solicitor. From start to finish, Mary set my expectations and was 100% transparent regarding my situation. I could not have asked for a better defence solicitor.

- Brian

Very helpful and responsive. Five stars all the way to liberty

- Oddwards

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For free legal advice, contact Mary Moultrie and team at Alex Lafferty Ltd, Criminal Defence Lawyers in Scotland


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