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Is the court open during lockdown?

Only essential business will go through courts in Scotland during the lockdown period. It's important you find out what's happening if you are an accused person. From Wednesday 25 March 2020, all criminal court business in Scotland was adjourned or continued administratively except for (i) cases where the accused is in custody and (ii) appearances from police undertakings. Please inform your Solicitor if you are self-isolating, showing any symptoms of coronavirus or are in any of the higher risk categories and you are due to attend court. The situation is changing daily and we will keep you informed and tell you whether or not you need to attend Court during the COVID-19 emergency period. If you do not have a solicitor, please feel free to contact Mary Moultrie, Criminal Defence Lawyer, immediately on 07710 539798 and we will find out what is happening for you.

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