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Questions about arrests, warrants and police interviews

Updated: May 5, 2020

Getting arrested or being interviewed by the police can be a very frightening experience. You are vulnerable and need our professional help.

1. Are the police looking for you?

We can make enquiries with the police to find out why they are looking for you and, where possible, make arrangements to resolve matters without the need for you to be arrested.

2. Do you have a warrant out for your arrest?

We can carry out a warrant check for you and it won't cost you anything.

3. Do you have to attend an interview with the police?

We can advise you on how to deal with the questions asked and attend with you to ensure your rights are protected. 4. Have you been arrested by the police?

This is often the most crucial point in the case being established against you . You should ask for our services at the police station no matter what time or day it is so we can advise you. 5. Do you have a court date?

Often we can attend to this on your behalf . We have over 25 years experience in criminal law and will use this to guide you through the system in the way that best helps you.

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