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Have you been charged with a crime?

Being charged with a crime, being suspected of a criminal offence and being questioned by the police can be a scary experience, so it is important that you have the support of a criminal defence lawyer as soon as possible.


If you can, contact us even before you speak to the police or go to a police station, so we can tell you what to expect, and explain what your rights are.

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If you have been charged by the police or if you are suspected of committing a crime, we will represent you to make sure your legal rights are protected and to present your case in court to make sure you get a fair hearing. We will provide you with a fully comprehensive legal service from liaising with the police and preparing the case through to representing you in court.

Our criminal defence team is headed up by Mary Moultrie, Criminal Defence Lawyer, who has over twenty five years’ experience covering all areas of criminal law.

We cover all types of crime including:

* Assault * Breach of the Peace * Drug offences * Fraud * Harassment * Manslaughter * Motoring Offences * Murder * Theft * Sexual Offences * Domestic violence * Vandalism *

"I have always found Mary Moultrie to be helpful and conscientious, and I can't fault her commitment to her clients. I would not have any other lawyer, she is an amazing woman." 


What our lawyers do at the Police Station


If you need to go to a police station, we will:

  • Explain what is happening at each stage and what is likely to happen in the future with your case

  • Make sure your rights are protected while you are at the police station. We are independent of the police 

  • Liaise with the Police

  • Discuss what evidence the police have and whether it is strong enough for them to charge you

  • Provide advice and be with you when you are interviewed by the police

  • Answer any legal questions you have


What our lawyers do at court


If you need to go to court, we will:

  • Gather and prepare evidence for your case

  • Interview witnesses 

  • Keep you appraised of all developments.

  • Fully investigate and present your defence.

  • Discuss your prospects of success and likely outcomes.

  • Always advise you of the best way forward for you

  • Where necessary, get expert reports to challenge the evidence against you or find evidence to support your case

  • Represent you in court 




We care about the outcome of your case as much as you do. We will listen to what you have to say, work with you, and use our knowledge and experience to ensure the best outcome for you. We want to help you avoid conviction, and where this is not possible, help reduce the effects of conviction. We are often successfully able to persuade the police or The Crown to discontinue investigations and prosecutions.

For free legal advice, contact Mary Moultrie and team at Alex Lafferty Ltd, Criminal Defence Lawyers in Scotland.

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